Touring Western Canada with a Rock Band: Day Three (part 9)

When we arrived in Fernie BC, we were immediately struck by its beauty. By the the time we had considered where to stop for a break however, the town was nearly completely behind us, so we saw a place where a couple of other cars were parked in a pull-off near the river, and joined them there. We noted a couple people in hip-waders fishing, then pried ourselves out of the truck cab to have a cold drink and some snacks. We took in the pretty natural scenery, and I noted to myself that Iā€™d like to come back at some point with more time to spend.

By now we were mostly revived, aided by the cold mountain air, in lifted spirits we hung out on the side of the highway for half an hour or more before continuing on through the Rockies and enduring the long, straight, mind-numbing drive across the prairie to Lethbridge, Alberta.

~Cheers, Rev. D