It's Been Awhile.

I started this website a handful of years ago as just my place on the web. My domain to do with as I pleased without all the rules and terms of service of social sites. Literally my twisted little playground. At some point along the line I forgot this and began treating this website as a quasi-portfolio. I stopped my podcast (too “off-topic”). I stopped posting pictures of landscape photography (not really twisted). I only replaced a photo on my site with a “better” one (Keep it concise). I rarely logged in here, in favour of Instagram or G+ or any other number of social sites (remember “Ello”?). I was creatively paralyzed. WELL NO MORE!

Truth be told, it’s not that one-sided. My “real” job as a Sous Chef at an upscale restaurant has been occupying a substantial amount of my creative time. Of course, having said career, I work strange hours and long days a lot of the time. Forget ever seeing golden hour unless its a brief glimpse from the dining room window.

All this is to say, I need to make time. I need to make content. I need to be inspired

This video helps inspire me.

~Cheers, D