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Touring Western Canada with a Rock Band: Day Two (part 7)

The reality is the biggest adventure of The Adventure Hotel was trying to find our room. Tucked in the far recess of the building was our tiny dorm. Up two flights of stairs, passed the the laundry room, passed the staff room, hang a left, to the end of the hall, turn right and to the end of the hall. Do all this while navigating some optical illusion 3-D trippy “only-in-a-hotel” crazy carpeting.

If that wasn’t enough, I had the idea to get high on some (legal) BC weed. I’m a lightweight when it comes to cannabis, but that particular night I had shared a whole joint. Not on purpose, but because I was enraptured in good conversation and by the time I knew it the joint was gone. This made navigating to the room the second and third time even more arduous. We had previously picked up some hotel room drinks (gluten-free, low sugar vodka sodas of course), but I doubt we even made it though six of them after the moderate drinking at the bar, so after some barely coherent conversation, we all crashed for the night so we could get at least a few hours of shut-eye before making the long-ass drive to Lethbridge the next day.

Next: We leave BC, we cross the Rockies, we arrive weary and worn in Lethbridge, Alberta.

~Cheers, Rev. D